Autore: Franz Livio

New paper! Archeoseismology in the Dead Sea Zone.

The ruins of the Roman theater and city gates of Tiberias (Israel, along the western shores of the Sea of Galilee) were over there, firstly dug and studied in the early ’80s, waiting for the eyes of earthquake scientists to whisper their secret. The story of an old, destructive earthquake that caused surface faulting at…
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16/11/2020 0

Francesca Ferrario’s invited talk at the next AIQUA meeting.

We proudly announce that Francesca Ferrario is one of the 5 invited speakers at the incoming next AIQUA meeting (26 June 2020). The meeting will be online so you can follow the speakers online (access code 307-445-605 – talks in italian), AIQUA chose to invite speakers representative of the different souls animating the research on…
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26/05/2020 0

Jim McCalpin lectures for the Uninsubria PhD program

We are pleased to announce that Jim McCalpin, consultant in paleoseismology and geologic hazard for more than 30 years in the US and Author of the renewed book “Paleoseismology“, will be host in March by our Ph.D. program in Chemistry and Environmental Sciences. Jim will give two lectures focussing on geological hazard. He will talk…
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14/02/2020 0

CRUST workshop (9-10th july Perugia). Best poster prize to our Francesca Ferrario ;)

On the 9th and 10th o July, we join to the CRUST workshop on structural geology and active tectonics, in memory of Prof. Giampaolo Pialli. Giampaolo Pialli was a brilliant structural and regional geologist of the University of Perugia suddenly died 20 years ago, at the age of 59. The “CRUST” meeting had the main…
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14/07/2019 0

Field reconnaissance in the epicentral area of the 1808 Pellice Valley earthquake

Pellice Valley lies in the SW Piedmont region (N Italy), in a structurally complex area where the Alps-Apennines junction is located. Piedmont is a region where a low seismic release rate is domiant, except for the so-called Pinerolese seismic zone and for some historical events, including the damaging 1808 Pellice Valley seismic sequence (Mw max…
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11/07/2019 0

SisGARDA project

Lake Garda is one of the most interesting basins in the Southern Alps, both for its peculiar lymnological characteristics (it has one of the longest full circulation periods among pre-alpine lakes) and – that’s our point 😉 – because there are several active faults running along its bottom. That’s why we here planned an offshore…
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17/04/2019 0

Sampling for paleomag analysis with UniTO.

Emanuele Scaramuzzo is presently balancing geological cross-sections encompassing an area between Lake Lugano, and Lake Maggiore, a key area for understanding the tectonic history of this sector of the Southern Alps. A great help will come from a collaboration with Elena Zanella and her enthusiastic research team. They’ll study the “magnetic fingerprint” of a series…
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24/03/2019 0