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Research Activity


The PeriGeo research activity is focused on the reconstruction of recent geological evolutions, the modelling of complex geological and environmental dynamics, and the analysis of correlated hazards. The multidisciplinary approach allows the Group to cover a wide range of research fields, as Quaternary Geology, Earthquake Geology, Engineering Geology, Hydrogeology, Volcanology and Remote Sensing.

Fields of expertise are field mapping, 3D modelling, and interferometric analyses. We fully integrate terrestrial monitoring systems and field reconnaissance with the newest remote sensing techniques based on drones and satellites.

Our experts in active tectonics, seismology, and paleoseismology took part in the field investigations after main seismic events occurred in Italy in recent years, as Amatrice in 2016, Ischia island in 2017, and Mt. Etna in 2018.

Quaternary Geology

Quaternary Geology is the branch of Geology aiming to reconstruct how the landscape evolved during the last 2.6 million years.

Earthquake Geology

Earthquake Geology studies the dynamic and the impacts of earthquakes and tectonic evolution in shaping Earth’s surface. 

Engineering Geology

Engineering Geology is an interdisciplinary field bringing together Geology and Geotechnical Engineering with the purpose of studying the interaction between geomorphological processes and human activities.


Hydrogeology is a field of research dealing with the distribution and movement of groundwater in soil and rocks of the Earth’s crust.


Volcanology is one of Geologic sciences dealing with the formation of volcanoes, their geological structure and relationship with other geological processes.

Remote Sensing

Remote sensing is a method to acquire information about an object or phenomenon without making physical contact with it.