Jim McCalpin lectures for the Uninsubria PhD program

Jim McCalpin lectures for the Uninsubria PhD program

14/02/2020 Perigeo 0
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We are pleased to announce that Jim McCalpin, consultant in paleoseismology and geologic hazard for more than 30 years in the US and Author of the renewed book “Paleoseismology“, will be host in March by our Ph.D. program in Chemistry and Environmental Sciences.

Jim will give two lectures focussing on geological hazard. He will talk on the best illustrative (or controversial!) case studies in paleoseismology and on deep seated gravitational slope deformation processes, two of the topic on which he has gained a bright reputation in the scientific and consulting community.

Are you in the nearbies and want to save the date? Lectures will be given in the Department of Science and High Technology of the Insubria University, in Como.

6th March, 2020 (hr. 11-13)

Paleoseismology and fault displacement hazard: lessons learned from the past

9th March, 2020 (hr. 11- 13)

The mountains are falling apart: a spectrum of mass failures from landslides to deep-seatd gravitational spreading (sackung), to “unfolding of folds” (!!)

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