The main research focus is the reconstruction of the landscape evolution in the Quaternary period, i.e. during the last 2.6 million years.

Data deriving from geomorphology (aerial photo interpretation, topographic and DEM analyses, field surveys and 3D elaborations), litho- and bio-stratigraphy (borehole logs, geologic cross sections, vegetal macroremains, palynology, pedostratigraphy), paleolimnology, archaeology and geotechnics are combined in the investigation of recent sedimentary sequences, both outcropping and collected through coring.

Particular interest is posed on Lake Como (onshore and offshore) and Po Plain areas.

Research allows to identify natural and human processes that shaped the present-day environment; this information is useful for territorial management and conservation of archaeological, environmental and cultural heritages, achieved for instance through the development of geosites.