PeriGeo @ PATA Days 2022

PeriGeo @ PATA Days 2022

04/10/2022 Perigeo 0
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Finally back home from the exciting meeting PATA Days 2022, hold in France, near the epicentral area of the 1909 Lambesc Earthquake.

Three full-days of talks and poster sessions on Paleoseismology, Archeoseismology and Active Tectonics, including sessions on innovative methods of investigations and contributions to Seismic Hazard Analysis.

Engaging poster sessions, flash talks introducing each work and insightning discussions animated this meeting that we have been waiting for a long time. The COVID19 emergency, in fact, forced to postpone the meeting for three years.

I was also involved in the organization of a Workshop on Artificial Intellingence in Geosciences, lead by Dr. Anika Braun and organized under the umbrella of EDITH , an INQUA funded multi-year Project on Science Networking. Check the project… It’s cool! đŸ˜‰

The PeriGeo crew presented their work on recently published papers and ongoing research. Here you are:

Giorgio Tringali showed some of the NEWS on his PhD project: monitoring acive and creeping fault along the eastern flank of Mt. Etna, in collaboration with Dr. Pia Victor (GFZ Potsdam).

Marco Pizza discussed some preliminary results coming out from an update of the Probabilistic Fault Displacement Hazard curves for the occurrence of primary faulting. If you want some details of this stuff, check out this nice post by Francesca Ferrario on !

Finally, I summed up the results from a recently published paper on the study of a Deep Seated Gravitational Slope Deformaton (DSGSD) in the European Southern Alps. A possible Seismic Triggering? How to discuss? Check it out!

Is that all folks? Not quite! Two field trips enlightned our days in Provence and a sum up is coming! stay tuned!

PeriGeo wine tasting in Marseille. Enjoy!

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