Franz Livio : Associate Professor

Franz Livio

Associate Professor

His main research field is on paleoseismology and structural geology.  He started to work on these issues analyzing the seismic hazard of the Po Plain foredeep, where blind thrusting plays a major role, relying on seismic reflection data interpretation, lab modeling, tectonic geomorphology, remote sensing, field survey and trenching.
Maria Francesca Ferrario : Post Ph.D

Maria Francesca Ferrario

Post Ph.D

My research is mainly focused on the reconstruction of late Quaternary landscape evolution for mitigating natural hazards. This goal is pursued integrating surface and subsurface geology and environmental data. My studies are focused on urban areas and on local industrial plants. The adopted methodologies include core drillings, geotechnical probes, GIS mapping and hydrogeological and environmental monitoring.
Chiara Frigerio : Ph.D. Student

Chiara Frigerio

Ph.D. Student

Raffaele Bitonte : Ph.D. Student

Raffaele Bitonte

Ph.D. Student

Emanuele Scaramuzzo : Ph.D. Student

Emanuele Scaramuzzo

Ph.D. Student

My research interests span from Tectonics to Structural Geology, including: field mapping, structural and stratigraphic studies in sedimentary and metamorphic orogenic belts, magnetic analysis. The main subjects of my research are: Definition of the role played by tectonic and sedimentary (gravitational) processes in the formation of mélanges s.l. (or chaotic rock bodies) in active margins, and specifically in ancient accretionary complexes. Research is based on structural analysis, field mapping and magnetic analysis of different types of mélanges exposed in Apennines and Western Alps. Geological mapping and production of maps at different scales
Alessandro Maria Michetti : Associate Professor

Alessandro Maria Michetti

Associate Professor

Most of my research is focused on the reconstruction of the recent landscape evolution in order to define
geological criteria for assessing natural hazards, in particular related to strong earthquakes. In the last few
years my attention was increasingly attracted by the increasing value of the intensity scales for seismic hazard
assessment. I am particularly interested in the study and classification of earthquake environmental effects,
and in the application of the Environmental Seismic Intensity scale ESI-2007. Among other international
scientific duties, I am President of the INQUA Commission on Terrestrial Processes (2011-2019) and Member of
the Advisory Working Group for Active Fault Survey, Ministry of the Interior and Safety, South Korea (2017-