CRUST workshop (9-10th july Perugia). Best poster prize to our Francesca Ferrario ;)

CRUST workshop (9-10th july Perugia). Best poster prize to our Francesca Ferrario ;)

14/07/2019 Perigeo 0
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On the 9th and 10th o July, we join to the CRUST workshop on structural geology and active tectonics, in memory of Prof. Giampaolo Pialli. Giampaolo Pialli was a brilliant structural and regional geologist of the University of Perugia suddenly died 20 years ago, at the age of 59.

The “CRUST” meeting had the main purpose to solicit and promote new researches and collaborations among structural geologists and geophysicists in the field of Seismotectonics, at local and regional scales, following the pioneer interdisciplinary route adopted by Giampaolo Pialli and his earlier collaborators since the early 80s. 

At the CRUST Workshop, special attention has benn devoted to the Poster session. To this aim, the organizers have planned a competition for young researchers to promote new ideas and to encourage in-depth exchanges of information.

The session started with a set of 3 minutes-long flash talks, introducing the poster. The posters have been evaluated in terms of interdisciplinarity, innovativeness and graphics (readability, clarity and appealing) by an international panel of qualified experts…

and the winner was….our red-head FRANCESCA FERRARIO! AD MAIORA!

Sadly, at the time of proclamation both of us were on the way back to home…awkward.. 🙁

Francesca won a funding for the partecipation to another international meeting. BRAVA and thanks to the organizing commitee of the CRUST workshop for involving young researchers in such a nice opportunity!


here is the prize winning poster… colorful!
…introduced by a couple of slides with very appreciated musical crossrefs! 😉

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