The complex and important role of the right management of mountain water resources for the better exploitation of plain and urban aquifers is the start point of our research.

In the last few years, a progressive impoverishment of water resources has taken place in the mountains due to the increase of an anthropogenic activity and change in the precipitation regime. These aquifers have a high vulnerability through their limited productivity and their short and swift flow paths.

In order to characterize mountain and correlate plain aquifers we need a multidisciplinary approach based on: geological, geochemical, hydrological, hydrogeological, geostrustural and geophysical methods.

Sometimes we have to use also of biological, microbiological and toxicological expertise, which is present in our department.

The data processing is then performed through statistical analysis (such as Principal Component Analysis, Cluster Analysis, i.e.) and structural geological and hydrogeological modeling.

This research area is strictly correlate with the others of this group: in particular, about urban hydrogeology, engineering geology, quaternary geology and remote sensing support it.