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Here some of the most significant publications from our research group.



Binda, G., Frascoli, F., Spanu, D., Ferrario, M. F., Terrana, S., Gambillara, R., Trotta S., Noble P., Livio F. & Michetti, A. M. (2022). Geochemical Markers as a Tool for the Characterization of a Multi-Layer Urban Aquifer: The Case Study of Como (Northern Italy). Water, 14(1), 124.

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Binda, G., Pozzi, A., Spanu, D., Livio, F., Trotta, S., & Bitonte, R. (2021). Integration of photogrammetry from unmanned aerial vehicles, field measurements and discrete fracture network modeling to understand groundwater flow in remote settings: test and comparison with geochemical markers in an Alpine catchment. Hydrogeology Journal, 29(3), 1203-1218.

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Nappo, N., Mavrouli, O., Nex, F., van Westen, C., Gambillara, R., & Michetti, A. M. (2021). Use of UAV-based photogrammetry products for semi-automatic detection and classification of asphalt road damage in landslide-affected areas. Engineering Geology, 294, 106363.

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Silva-Fragoso A., Ferrari L., Norini G., Orozco-Esquivel T., Corbo-Camargo F., Bernal J. P., Castro C., Arrubarrena-Moreno M. Geology and Conceptual Model of the Domuyo Geothermal Area, Patagonia, Argentina. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 107396. ISSN: 03770273

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