My first diving into ChatGPT and…. an Adventure!

My first diving into ChatGPT and…. an Adventure!

23/02/2023 Perigeo 0
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I was not able to stay back from trying it… and now here is my report of this strange experience with ChatGPT

First, let’s start with the technical stuff.

I asked ChatGPT for a method (and code) for solving PFDHA. It’s a topic I’m working on recently. There is a lot of resources on PSHA but PFDHA it’s still on the edge.

Here is my chat.

It also added some additional suggestions:

Not bad I would say. So, it comes out that ChatGPT is really skillfull in suggesting best practices etc.

Let’s move to the more scientific topic. Writing a paper introduction. I’ll give a very general topic…

Naaaaa…. failed! We’ll be forced to write on our own for a long time (fortunately! 😉)

And literature review? This could help a lot…

All the papers are to the point… with the only problem that these references DO NOT EXIST! It’s a magical mixture of titles and Authors somehow related to the topic. Others has already noticed this before and its a topic under debate. The problem is that ChatGPT stated that these ARE real references found on Google Scholar. I see an ethical problem here.

An additional problem is the lack of access to a database. I can beat that this will magically appear in the next months… together with a nice service list price. Let’s see.

I was so intrigued by the possibilities.. that I really started playing with ChatGPT.

Let’s try with poetry. Let’s start with a composition with regular and predictable schemes…

It works! Not at le levels of the Comedia but wtill decent indeed!

Now let’s try something more emotional… an Haiku.

Less effective… but the key message is there.

Finally, as a real NERD I am, I dared to ask ChatGPT… what you can read below.

Please, don’t judge me to harshly. In my opinion, this was the best result I had from my Adventure on ChatGPT. Enjoy!

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