A multidisciplinary Research Group based at Department of Science and High Technology of the University of Insubria

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The PeriGeo research activity encompasses a wide range of fields,
from Geology to Remote Sensing.

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Quaternary Geology

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Earthquake Geology

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Engineering Geology

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Remote Sensing

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News from our Research Group

Progetto SCE.NA.RIO – SCienzE NAturali e RIschiO

Evento finale 17 12 2019, Sant’Abbondio, Aula SA1 ore 9-13 Il Progetto SCE.NA.RIO – SCienzE NAturali e RIschiO, organizzato da Ufficio Scolastico Regionale per la Lombardia (referente Dr.ssa Mariacira Veneruso)[…]

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02/12/2019 0

Insubria, INGV, Ispra and Unisa together to investigate the effects of subsidence in Como urban area

We are happy to announce that recently the Italian Space Agency (ASI) has granted us the access to Cosmo-SkyMed images over the city of Como (northern Italy) in order to[…]

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22/11/2019 0

Geolympics 6: Volcanoes and volcanic products

Volcanoes are one of the most spectacular landforms and eruptions one of the most powerful natural events. Volcanologists recognize two different types of eruptions: effusive, in which lava steadily flows[…]

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03/09/2019 1

Our Awesome Research Team

Alessandro Maria Michetti

Full Professor



Maria Francesca Ferrario



PhD Student

Emanuele Scaramuzzo

PhD Student


PhD Student

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