Collaboration with Centro de Geociencias, UNAM, Mexico

Collaboration with Centro de Geociencias, UNAM, Mexico

25/10/2023 Perigeo 0
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Our research group is strengthening its collaboration with the Geosciences Centre (Centro de Geociencias) of the Universidad National Autonoma de Mexico, located in Juriquilla, Santiago de Querétaro.

Our groups have several scientific interests in common, including the characterization of active faults, paleoseismology and the documentation of Earthquake Environmental Effects using the ESI-07 scale.

Photo of the UNAM campus entrance
City view from the Juriquilla campus

Beside ongoing activities aimed at the publication of joint papers, we are co-organizing a short course to be held on November 2 during the annual meeting of the Mexican Geophysical Union in Puerto Vallarta. The course is entitled “Towards the formation of the national post-seismic intervention group: Rapid post-seismic recognition and evaluation of Earthquake Environmental Effects (EEE), using the ESI-07 scale” and is organized by Magdalena Velázquez-Bucio, Pierre Lacan (CGEO), Ericka Solano Hernández (ENES Morelia), John Fletcher (CICESE), Alessandro Michetti and Francesca Ferrario (Uni Insubria).

The course will provide the opportunity to discuss with the Mexican geoscientific community the importance of the documentation of environmental effects following moderate and strong earthquakes. We will discuss how to collect the evidence of EEEs in the field and remotely, how to organize the data and analyze them using the ESI scale.

We strongly believe that EEEs provide complementary information with respect to seismology and the analysis of earthquake effects on the built environment; finally, we believe this course will open opportunities for future scientific collaborations.

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