Congrats Giorgio and welcome Alberto!

Congrats Giorgio and welcome Alberto!

28/11/2023 Perigeo 0
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Our research group has two important news to share!

On Nov 22, 2023 Giorgio Tringali successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled “Earthquake surface faulting and aseismic creep on Etna volcano: role of the pre-volcanic basement, relationships with flank instability and magmatic intrusions, implications for future hazard scenarios”. The Commission (Dr. Marco Neri – INGV; Dr. Raúl Pérez López – Instituto Geológico y Minero de España and Dr. Fabio Bonali – Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca) evaluated the work as excellent, thus Giorgio is now PhDONE – cum laude!

Alberto Mariani joined our team as PhD student. He will work on a project entitled Linking geospatial information, advanced SAR remote sensing, and snowpack stability data for improve avalanche hazard mapping.

Snow avalanche hazard is a threat to people and infrastructure in snowy mountain regions worldwide. Alberto’s project will focus on slab avalanches: he will link different source of data to advance hazard mapping and risk mitigations tool, including different elements such as DTM based Potential Release Areas (PRAs) detection algorithms, satellites avalanche events monitoring, knowledge on avalanche-terrain interactions, snowpack and weather information. The capability of SAR remote sensing, also with the polarimetric tecnique, will be explored (also with field campaigns), studying better the interaction between SAR signal, undisturbed snowpack and avalanche deposit areas. Alberto will be based in Livigno (N Italy), in collaboration with Alpsolut srl.

Welcome Alberto!

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