New papers!

New papers!

31/01/2022 Perigeo 0
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The last weeks brought some good news for the Perigeo crew, with a bunch of new papers that just came out. We’re very happy also because all the papers are led by early career scientists!

Two papers deal with the house specialty, earthquake environmental effects and the ESI scale; then, Alpine structural geology and water geochemistry of Como downtown.

  • Magda Velázquez-Bucio (now at UMAR, Mexico) studied two earthquakes in the Mexican subduction zone, mapping their environmental effects and analyzing the ESI intensity attenuation with distance. The paper is published in Quaternary International.

Title: Environmental effects caused by the Mw 8.2, September 8, 2017, and Mw 7.4, June 23, 2020, Chiapas-Oaxaca (Mexico) subduction events: Comparison of large intraslab and interface earthquakes. Link

  • Giorgio Tringali (PhD student at Uni Insubria) investigated the 2018 Mt. Etna (Sicily) earthquake. He analyzed the influence of topography and of the basement on the spatial distribution of surface ruptures. It was a long ride, but finally the paper is out in Quaternary International!

Title: Fault rupture and aseismic creep accompanying the December 26, 2018, Mw 4.9 Fleri earthquake (Mt. Etna, Italy): Factors affecting the surface faulting in a volcano-tectonic environment. Link

  • Emanuele Scaramuzzo (postdoc at Uni Insubria) built a crustal-scale geological cross-section across the Western Southern Alps (Varese Area), with an insights on the inheritance of rift-related structures on the Alpine tectonics. Paper published on the Swiss Journal of Geosciences.

Title: Anatomy and kinematic evolution of an ancient passive margin involved into an orogenic wedge (Western Southern Alps, Varese area, Italy and Switzerland). Link

  • Gilberto Binda (now Marie Curie fellow at the Norwegian Institute for Water Research) led a multidisciplinary effort on the geochemical characterization of groundwater in Como downtown. We found an anomalously high concentration of arsenic in the deep aquifer: where does it come from? More research is needed! The paper has been published in Water.

Title: Geochemical markers as a tool for the characterization of a multi-layer urban aquifer: the case study of Como (Northern Italy). Link. By the way, I made a StoryMap (in Italian) about the paper!

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