Inqua Congress: see you in Rome 2023!

Inqua Congress: see you in Rome 2023!

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It has been a busy end of July here at the Insubria Environmental Geology research group! The 20th Inqua congress has just been held in Dublin, with over 2500 delegates from 75 countries. This congress takes place every 4 years and is home of the Inqua (International Union for Quaternary Research).

We presented a talk on our ongoing research on the surface faulting caused by the December 2018 Etna earthquake.

Alessandro Michetti presenting our results on the 2018 Etna earthquake.

We also showed a poster on the effects of a magnitude 8.2 earthquake occurred in Mexico in September 2017 (leading author: Magda Velazquez).

Magda explaining poster details.

The election of new officers and representatives was notified during the congress. After 8 years as President of the Terpro (Terrestrial Processes) Commission, Alessandro Michetti leaves the leadership to Jim McCalpin.

The new Terpro officers…

Francesca Ferrario was elected as the Committee Chair of the ECR (Early-Career Researchers) for the Inter-congress period 2019-2023.

… and the ECR Representatives (1/2)
ECR Representatives (2/2)

Finally, Rome was selected to host the next congress in July 2023.

See you in Rome 2023!

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