Charting Aquifers from Above: Airborne Electro Magnetic Survey for Comprehensive Hydrogeological Analysis

Charting Aquifers from Above: Airborne Electro Magnetic Survey for Comprehensive Hydrogeological Analysis

19/05/2023 Perigeo 0
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On May 18, 2023, doctoral students of DISCA (Dottorato di Ricerca in Scienze Chimiche ed Ambientali),master and bachelor students specializing in Environmental Sciences embarked on a captivating one-day field trip in the picturesque Brescia Piedmont area. The aim of the trip was to observe and learn about the cutting-edge geophysical surveys conducted by the A2A Company, which manages the majority of the subsurface waters in the Brescia Province. These surveys, carried out by helicopter using Airborne EM (Electro Magnetic) technology, were aimed at hydrogeological characterization of the subsoil in the region, including the foothills between Garda and Iseo. Water resources play a vital role in our environment, and their importance continues to grow. Recognizing this, A2A has invested significant funding in the proper modeling of major aquifers in the region. To provide an invaluable learning opportunity, A2A graciously hosted this field trip for students from Insubria University.

Innovative Geophysical Prospecting Methodology:
The highlight of the field trip was the opportunity to witness an innovative methodology of geophysical prospecting. This technique enables the understanding of soil resistivity properties at depths ranging from 100 to 300 meters. By deciphering the permeability of aquifers and assisting in hydrogeological modeling, this methodology proves to be highly efficient and timely, covering large areas. During the field trip, we had the privilege of interacting with the experts behind these advanced geophysical surveys. The company responsible for conducting the prospecting shared insights into their state-of-the-art methodologies, which are recognized as some of the most advanced in Europe. Additionally, A2A’s technicians, including the esteemed Project Manager Dr. Matteo Gisolo, provided valuable knowledge and expertise. This interactive session allowed us to delve deeper into the intricacies of geophysics and its applications.

Following the presentations and demonstrations, engaging discussions took place, further enhancing our understanding of geophysical prospecting and its significance in the hydrogeological context. These insightful conversations, combined with the hands-on experience of witnessing the surveys firsthand, left us with a profound appreciation for the role of geophysics in environmental research.

The field trip organized by A2A proved to be an exceptional opportunity for DISCA and master students specializing in Environmental Sciences from Insubria University. Exploring the innovative methodologies employed in geophysical prospecting offered invaluable insights into hydrogeological characterization. We extend our gratitude to A2A, the project team, Dr. Matteo Gisolo , Prof. Alessandro Michetti, Prof. Franz Livio, and Prof. Andrea Pozzi for organizing, hosting us and sharing their expertise. This enlightening experience will undoubtedly contribute to our academic and professional development in the field of geophysics.

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