Autore: Alessandro Maria Michetti

Curious about the fault responsible for 1908 Messina earthquake?

  A successfull collaboration with colleagues from Birkbeck College, UCL and University of Plymouth was carried out in last months in order to identify the fault responsible for the 1908 Messina earthquake. Hystorical data and new insights have been used for the research, which resulted in the publication of a new paper. You can read…
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24/06/2019 0

Seismic survey on Lake Garda

  The Perigeo Team is collaborating on the ongoing research on Lake Garda with CNR-ISMAR and INGV. We are acquiring seismic data with a low frequency BubbleGun coming from USA.  A press conference is planned for Friday 5th April at 14.00 at Comunità del Garda (BS). Read here the related flyer. Many thanks to the Coast…
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04/04/2019 0