4 PhD positions – GeoSciences IR project

4 PhD positions – GeoSciences IR project

20/07/2022 Perigeo 0
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In the framework of GeoSciences IR project, 4 PhD positions will be activated soon. The project is coordinated by ISPRA (Istituto Superiore per la protezione e la ricerca ambientale) and aims at creating a new research infrastructure for geosciences. Project partners include the Geological Survey of Italy, Regional authorities and several universities.

Through a highly technological cloud infrastructure, GeoSciences will provide target users access to a huge amount of data, services, tools, specifically implemented by project partners.

UniInsubria will provide expertise on active tectonics, earthquake-induced landslides and permafrost degradation. Specifically, the research topics of the 4 PhD projects are:

  • Characterization of Active and Capable Faults through the acquisition and analysis of high resolution DTMs and the interpretation of subsurface geophysical prospecting. Supervisor: Franz LIVIO
  • Analysis of the environmental effects of strong earthquakes, field mapping and monitoring in the emergency phase, interpretation in terms of macroseismic intensity. Supervisor: Alessandro Maria MICHETTI
  • Multispectral survey of areas subject to permafrost degradation: use of satellite and drone multispectral data for mapping the permafrost and / or the parameters that can influence the conditions and the thickness of the active layer. Supervisor: Mauro GUGLIELMIN
  • Seismically-induced landslides: dataset, statistical analysis and evaluation of macroseismic intensity. Development of methods for the realization of earthquake induced landslide inventories (EQILs) by mapping from satellite images. Supervisor: Maria Francesca FERRARIO

The call for applications will be available on August 2nd, stay tuned!

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