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Curious about the fault responsible for 1908 Messina earthquake?

  A successfull collaboration with colleagues from Birkbeck College, UCL and University of Plymouth was carried out in last months in order to identify the fault responsible for the 1908 Messina earthquake. Hystorical data and new insights have been used for the research, which resulted in the publication of a new paper. You can read…
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24/06/2019 0

Geolympics 2: Football and the earthquake cycle

Today let’s speak about football! – I mean, the “real” football… Why? Female World Cup and Under 21 Championships are ongoing and football it’s my favorite because formerly I used to be a (quite bad) player. It happened that I was watching a game on TV, while thinking to a project I’m working on. I…
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19/06/2019 0

Geolympics 1: Cycling, minerals & colors

Cyclist at the Giro d’Italia are climbing the Alps for the last few stages before the arrival in Verona. As in other cycling tours, colored jerseys represent the leader in different categories… minerals are colored, too! Some can even occur in different colors, due to the presence of impurities or microscopic inclusions of other minerals…
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29/05/2019 0

PeriGeo and University of Insubria at ECO-GIRO (Como)

  On the occasion of Giro d’Italia (the Italian principal cycling competition), University of Insubria takes part in the ECO-GIRO- Geo-informazione sulle strade della corsa rosa together with ISPRA and University of Camerino.   The event will take place on 26 May 2019 at University of Insubria -Sant’Abbondio at 19.00. Here the Event Poster.   Special guest: Gibì Baronchelli Other guests:…
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23/05/2019 0

Geolympics: discover Earth Science through sports

I love Earth Sciences and I’m a sport-addicted. Why not to combine these 2 passions for communicating science to a non-technical audience? Here’s Geolympics! The project was selected by AGU (American Geophysical Union) in the framework of the AGU Centennial Grants. Here you can find all the selected projects. Geolympics aims at conveying scientific messages…
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22/05/2019 0

XXI INQUA Congress in Rome 2023

  The Italian Quaternary Research community proposes the University of Rome main campus as the venue for the XXI INQUA Congress, from 13 to 20 July 2023.  The theme of the proposed congress is “A Mediterranean perspective to Quaternary Sciences”. Prof. Alessandro Michetti will be part of the Science Programme Committee.   Visit the INQUA…
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20/05/2019 0

SisGARDA project

Lake Garda is one of the most interesting basins in the Southern Alps, both for its peculiar lymnological characteristics (it has one of the longest full circulation periods among pre-alpine lakes) and – that’s our point 😉 – because there are several active faults running along its bottom. That’s why we here planned an offshore…
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17/04/2019 0

Seismic survey on Lake Garda

  The Perigeo Team is collaborating on the ongoing research on Lake Garda with CNR-ISMAR and INGV. We are acquiring seismic data with a low frequency BubbleGun coming from USA.  A press conference is planned for Friday 5th April at 14.00 at Comunità del Garda (BS). Read here the related flyer. Many thanks to the Coast…
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04/04/2019 0

Sampling for paleomag analysis with UniTO.

Emanuele Scaramuzzo is presently balancing geological cross-sections encompassing an area between Lake Lugano, and Lake Maggiore, a key area for understanding the tectonic history of this sector of the Southern Alps. A great help will come from a collaboration with Elena Zanella and her enthusiastic research team. They’ll study the “magnetic fingerprint” of a series…
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24/03/2019 0

Congrats to Maria Francesca!

Congratulations to our Maria Francesca Ferrario, who has been awarded with an AGU Celebrate 100 Grant to celebrate Earth and Space Science. She will talk about “Geolympics: discover earth science through sports“. More details will be revealed soon. Stay tuned!

21/03/2019 0